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Dr. Montessori discovered and recent educational research has verified successive phases of growth in children, each with characteristics and sensitivities, which guide physical and mental development. These phases of growth, she called “sensitive periods”. They are outwardly recognizable by an intense interest, which the child shows for certain sensorial and abstract experiences. Dr. Montessori discovered that the guiding sensitivities constitute needs in the child which demand fulfillment and are universal to all children. Thus, the validity of Dr. Montessori’s observations have remained constant since she began her talk of the discovery of the child. Her method is constantly refined and extended under the careful direction of the Association Montessori Internationale. Hence, our program remains not rigid, but faithful to the child’s natural principles of development – yet cognizant of the ethical and cultural values that tone the child’s development in our society.

Most of the observed sensitive periods in the young child are involved with his senses – his learning tools. The child’s interest is spontaneous. From birth he is interested in his surroundings and gradually he makes order from them. This spontaneous interest and inclination toward order is the basis of the Montessori materials. This school provides a prepared environment in which the child may freely utilize these periods of sensitivity for order and for work, for the development of language and mathematics and for the development of scientific and social attitudes necessary for a wholesome life.

The most accurate means by which a school program can be evaluated is by the enthusiasm of the child at work. Dr. Montessori’s discoveries about the environment and the child have provided a love of learning for children all over the world.

The Montessori pre-primary program is designed for children from age of two and 1/2 through six years. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour of our school.

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